DIY Room Decor for Our New House in San Fransisco

We settled on our very first house in San Francisco, last Spring. We moved in this last week, and I have been going 100 miles an hour getting unpacked and working on jobs for the house. I’m planning on sharing a bit of the procedure for renovating and updating our new house here on the site, but I needed to share the pictures of the flat. This is a home that is very unique, as well as the previous owner did such an outstanding job of shielding the initial components of the home. It’s beautiful architectural elements throughout though it isn’t without difficulties (no heat, no lights in the cabinet, etc.) but all these will be handled in due course. Because there’s plenty of ground to cover, I am going to share half now and half later. So here is the DIY room decor for our new lovely house in SA.

dining room decoration

There’s a bedroom in the rear of the home that we’re calling a guest room. It’s a working fireplace. Also, it might be my favourite place. The kitchen is ideal for us in it is clean and fully-working (besides several appliances we already upgraded.) But it’s not young enough that we do not feel terrible about updating it. Do some light renovations in a month or two and our strategy would be to live in it a little bit. Developing a giant kitchen as well as a dining room. It is something we should think about in several years when we save up some more cash and opens up the spaces so much more. For now we only need to do some upgrades like flooring, cabinets, and tile. The laundry room is enormous and is not slightly well – since this is the view from the kitchen sink situated. But everything is forgiven when I understand we possess a washer and dryer!!!

The toilet is two rooms. It is a typical San Francisco water closet /shower position. The bathroom is in one room, as well as the tub as well as the sink are to the other. As I do about the kitchen, I think the same about the pink tile. It is good, and we are okay dwelling with it for a year, but I feel no qualms about throwing some cent and metro tile up in there and taking it outside. I like the sink, and we will likely restore it. Because the majority of my toilets in the city have had one, I was somewhat surprised to not see a clawfoot bathtub. We’ll likely attempt to do that in the brand new year if all goes as intended. We’ve a lot of hurdles to getting city licenses for renovations. It is heavily controlled, and they make you bring it up to modern code and upgrade everything, occasionally in the event you even create little changes like replace the countertops.

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Anyway, that’s our house! So I am hoping you do not mind me sharing some jobs here and there, I just have this house on the brain twenty-four hours a day. We’ve some issues that are unsexy to get through like upgrading the electric and figuring out the best way to warm this house, but I am so excited for this particular chapter of our lives! Thank you for letting me share it along with you. Particularly the readers who have been with me since our small one bedroom on Nob Hill as well as our miniature newlywed flat!

The entire place has that magnificent molding that’s two feet high and, of course, the bay windows that are typical in most San Francisco houses. At some stage (probably in the 50’s?) Someone painted the molding all in half the house a faux wood grain. It’s orange colour with brownish paint over the top, although it resembles wood. Seemingly this was not unusual to make the affordable wood look like wood that is higher priced. We chose to utilize that space for the children room, although there are living room doors that lead from the family room to the living room.

diy room decor9

The entire house has these stunning wood floors with inlay. Every nail on the flooring is done so exact and comprehensive. I like them so much. The stairs and 50-foot hall (!) has the first wainscoting design that’s in good shape except for in one spot under a window where it split. The hall has cabinet after cabinet of storage. I’m not even certain what all to do with it. After living in 500 square feet, this is not an issue I am used to having! Most of the light fixtures are first additionally.

There’s a dilemma of preservation remorse you feel when you’re restoring an old house. But I also do not mean to be the one that replaces the “first” material. My neighbor was mentioning how pleasant it was to paint a room that had been painted because he did not feel guilty making it he needed it. The rear half of the home is where toilets, the kitchen, dining room, and guest bedroom are.

I will share more images from our new house soon. So please stay tuned. 😉

By audioslave | May 24, 2015 | Tips & Tricks